Early-stage blockchain investor

Tokenomik Inc is a blockchain-centric commercial and marketing company, focusing on helping clever blockchain ideas with our capital and industry connections.

Who we are

Founded on over a decade of financial services experience at top-tier investment banks, Tokenomik was the result of a need in the blockchain/ crypto industry to bring bulge-bracket investment bank level financial & fundamental analysis to seed/private round token opportunities.


Tokenomik, combined with a group of blockchain-focused investors in Tokenomik Partners Inc, can bring fast and committed capital support to your token.


Tokenomik was founded by Michael Swan, who has over a decade of experience working in top-tier investment banks, originally in custodial funds platform at Macquarie, and most recently a Vice President in business selection at Goldman Sachs.


Michael stepped into blockchain in 2019, making a venture capital investment in PAC Blockchain, an Adelaide-based blockchain developer and currently leads the charge regarding commercial and financing matters as their Chief Commercial Officer.


Early career experience also included co-founding Communis Pty Ltd in 2000; a cloud-based document control management system for the mining and natural resources sector, and Strike Capital in 2010; a forex prop trading SPV, focused on the overnight roll interest differential on the AUDUSD pair for the 2010-2012 period. Check out Michael's LinkedIn profile here





Tokenomik and Tokenomik Partners invest in both blockchain tokens and private equity in blockchain developers. Our combined portfolio includes:


Enterprise platform for decentralized capital markets 

Crypto-native enterprises and asset management firms often struggle to access decentralized finance and manage their crypto assets effectively due to severe limitations in security, governance and accessibility. Unido addresses these issues, enabling enterprises to securely access DeFi opportunities and seamlessly manage their crypto banking operations.

PAC Blockchain

Business-grade blockchain DApps 

PAC's solutions unite the power of blockchain with the needs of corporate and institutional clients. They recognize that single point of approval, which is typical with most blockchain DApps, does not address the corporate governance, transparency and risk management requirements of sophisticated organizations.

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